Welcome to Utopian Sugars Ltd. Pantnagar, Kacharewadi.


The objective is to bring prosperity to the factory sector through development and progress.

Quality and Food Safety Policy
        We At UTOPIAN SUGARS LTD. are committed to manufacture and supply White Crystal Sugar with quality and food safety norms to satisfy our customers and stake holders.
We shall strive to -
1.    Setting targets for quality and food safety objectives at all levels and monitor effectiveness.
2.    Implementing the requirements of international standards as applicable to our organization.
3.    Continually improve the QMS / FSMS for its effectiveness.
4.    Comply the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to our organization.
      We shall communicate the policy within the organization and will
be made available to relevant interested parties as appropriate.

Objectives :
1.    To enhance organization overall effectiveness.
2.    To enhance customer satisfaction.
3.    To minimize critical and major nonconformities .
4.    To enhance our market share in Indian and global market.
5.    To adhere GMP programmes for effectiveness of QMS/FSMS
6.    To consistently review and update HACCP plan periodically.
7.    To train our employees to enhance skill and food safety awareness.